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Make Your Trade Show Exhibition a Success

Successful Trade Show Exhibition
A trade show is a great way for a company to demonstrate your company’s services, grow your customer base, and interact with the community. A successful trade show exhibition will increase your company’s sales, making your initial investment in the costs of exhibiting at a trade show well worth it. Keep reading for some tips on event planning, and how to find the best trade show rentals in the Bay…

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special events infographic
Staging Your Next Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

Want to Consider Renting a Stage?
Do you have a major event on the horizon? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or an award ceremony, you may need to rent a stage to make your event come together. A stage can give your audience a better view of what’s happening and lends an authentic, official feeling to your event. When you are looking at rental equipment in the Bay Area, you’ll need to determine the…

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Corporate Event Rentals 101

Corporate events: planning and organizing
If you’re planning a corporate event, you’re probably looking for convention rentals in the Bay Area. A party rental company can help you coordinate the details of your event planning, and provide you with convention or trade show rentals that will make your event successful and enjoyable.

Party rental companies will help you with the big and small details of your event planning, including the…

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Tips for Planning a Terrific Convention

The Perfect Opportunity to Launch a New Product or Service
Conventions and trade shows offer you the perfect opportunity to launch a new product or service, interact with current and potential customers, and size up your competitors. In order to take full advantage of the event, you should invest some time and money in event planning. Contact a company that offers convention rentals in San Francisco as soon as you confirm your attendance to…

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The Benefits of Trade Show Rentals

Benefits of Renting a Display
If you want to build your brand, establish important connections, and stay on the cutting edge of your industry, you should attend at least one major Bay Area convention or trade show each year. To attract visitors to your booth, you need an eye-catching, professional, and polished set-up. Building your own trade show booth is often prohibitively expensive, however, so the most prudent course of action is to…

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