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We Help Throw the Perfect Party

When it comes to throwing an outdoor party, you want to make sure you get everything right: the lighting, the music, the decorations, and so forth. Making sure the party is just right can be difficult without some proper guidance and advice: what kind of chairs should I get? Do I need a stage? How high should it be? What kind of cloth is best? All these questions and more are entirely legitimate and deserve an answer, which is why our Special Events team provides our party tent rentals service throughout the Bay Area, including San Jose. No matter what the occasion is or the theme of your party, we’re here to make your party better than ever!

tables and lights set up inside transparent tent

The Design is in the Details

You bring your vision for the perfect outdoor party, and we’ll help define and deliver all the details as you consult with our expert staff. We’re experienced in providing Bay Area outdoor party rental advice.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Some questions to ask yourself when it comes to lighting and the overall ambiance and atmosphere you want to create.

  • Do you want the entire tent to be illuminated?
  • Are you just looking for certain areas?
  • What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create?
  • Trying to decide on the table and chair rentals?

You could have crystal chandeliers for a hint of elegance, or special effect lights such as LED lighting, fog machines, or bistro lights. We’ll walk you through that. If you need rectangular tables, smaller, round tables for a more intimate party, or just a few strategically placed tables for refreshments, we can discuss our options as well. The same goes for chairs: specialty chairs, bar stools, kids’ chairs, benches, and more are available. In other words, we’ve got something to suit whatever kind of outdoor party you want to have. Our knowledgeable staff will make sure that you are 100% satisfied by the time we’ve walked you through.

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The Best Outdoor Party Tent Rentals in the Bay Area

We’ve been in the business for more than 30 years, developing a rock-solid reputation throughout the community. With an eye for detail, a knack for efficiency, and a customer-first approach, we’re the go-to choice for outdoor party rental needs in Northern California, including San Jose and the Bay Area.

Call today for a free quote on party supply rentals!