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The Perfect Tent for your Construction Site

Tents are needed to shield construction projects from the elements. With Special Events, you can cover an entire construction project and provide substantial protection over the jobsite. Say goodbye to worrying about months of hard work getting damaged. Our heavy-duty construction tents are available in a variety of sizes and will accommodate most types of projects. If effectiveness and security are what you need for your construction site, call us. Our team will be happy to set up a unique structure and answer your questions. Need more information about our services and tents? Get in touch below.

Expert Construction Tent Rental Installations

With more than 30 years under our belts, our specialists know their craft and ensure quality construction tent rentals in the Bay Area – and address any challenges that may take place. We can also install work lights, safety signs, custom doors, special mildew & water-resistant tents, and wind rated structures, ensuring the perfect tent is installed for your construction’s specific requirements. Get in touch with our friendly consultants for more information today.

Call Now for Quality Construction Tent Rentals in the Bay Area

Our tents fit a wide array of needs including construction sites, renovations, temporary storages, medical & disaster relief, equipment storage, manufacturing, and much more.

Avoid any scheduling setbacks caused by weather and get started on your projects today by using a tent provided by Special Events.

Feel free to call 925-605-2900 for a free quote today.

Construction Tent Rentals Available for Your Needs