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Plan Your Next Event with Tent Rental from Special Events

Anyone who’s planned events in the past knows that a lot of effort goes into ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. There’s food, venue, and entertainment that your guests will interact with directly, but there’s also the décor, flooring, and air conditioning to consider. Special Events helps you make sure you don’t leave out a single detail when planning your Bay Area event. Our range of products encompasses everything from large tent rentals to adding the finishing touches to your space with luxurious table linens. Explore all the products we have to offer in the Bay Area or contact our staff directly for details.

Tables and Chairs
Shows, Meetings, Pipes and Drapes
Table Top Service
Tent Accessories
Other Event Equipment

Stay in the Shade with Large Tent Rentals

Every outdoor party can benefit from a tent. Large tent rentals offer both protection from potential rain and shade during sweltering Bay Area summers. Special Events can provide you with three different kinds of tents. All of our large tent rentals are expertly installed by our team, leaving you with a no-hassle set-up. Tents are a must-have if you’re hosting a festival in the Bay Area, and with our sizing guidelines, you’ll be informed enough to choose the ideal size. Don’t leave your guests and festival-goers to the elements; provide them with shelter with one of our large tent rentals.

Set the Stage for a Fantastic Bay Area Festival

If you’re hosting a music festival in the Bay Area, you’ll definitely make use of a stage. Special Events keeps an extensive inventory of portable stages, perfect for local concerts or awards ceremonies. Once you decide on renting a stage for your festival or event, our team won’t leave you high and dry. Our team of installers will come to your venue and set up the stage according to all safety codes and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Put on a Feast with Table and Chair Rentals

Dining is a significant aspect of most events. Whether you’re attending a wedding, corporate gathering, or a birthday party, we often assume food will be served. Special Events is here to help you set up your dining area for your next big event. We provide tables of any size or shape and the perfect chairs to go with them. After your tables and chairs are situated in your event space, Special Events also sets the table with stunning table top service. Choose from an array of silverware and glassware to add special touches down to the tiniest detail.

It’s All in the Details for the Success of Your Event

Although table linens may seem like a small detail, they bring a space together in a way few other details can. Thoughtfully selected linens tie design elements together throughout the room and offer function to your guests dining with you. Linens from Special Events are always high-quality, no matter which fabric or color you choose. You’ll also have your pick of accessories for your event or festival, including drapes, flags, garlands, and flower arrangements. Accent your Bay Area large tent rental with unique details.

Don’t Settle for Drab Corporate Events

Many of the clients we work with at Special Events are planning meetings or showcases for their business. If this is the case for you, rest assured that Special Events has thought of every detail. We’ll provide you with anything you need to make your event enjoyable, down to the wastebaskets. Browse our gallery to get an idea of the rentals we offer for meetings and showcases.

Everything You Need from Your Festival Rental

When you choose event or festival rentals from Special Events, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to succeed. Our installers will place dance floors, podiums, fans, and heating units upon request. We don’t want you or your guests to go without during your event, so our team strives to think of everything before the need arises. Our selection of additional equipment includes a vast array of tools to make your event the talk of the town.

Get in Touch with the Bay Area’s Go-To Event Planners

If you’re staging an event or festival in the Bay Area, make sure you’re setting yourself up for success. Choose a large tent rental from Special Events and take advantage of our festival rental offerings. We’ve been active in the Bay Area community for over 30 years, and we’re excited to help you with your next big event, be it a wedding, birthday, or corporate party. Give our office a call for a free quote or more information on how we can help shoulder the burden of event planning.

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