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The Perfect Opportunity to Launch a New Product or Service

Conventions and trade shows offer you the perfect opportunity to launch a new product or service, interact with current and potential customers, and size up your competitors. In order to take full advantage of the event, you should invest some time and money in event planning. Contact a company that offers convention rentals in San Francisco as soon as you confirm your attendance to ensure that you can reserve all the rental equipment you need. Follow the tips below to plan your next Bay Area convention appearance.

Narrow Your Focus

The best trade show displays are organized around a clear theme. Even if your business manufactures dozens of product lines or provides many different services, you should choose no more than three to highlight at any given event. If you are ready to launch a brand-new product line or type of service, showcase that at your next trade show appearance. This will help you keep your costs down with convention rentals, but more importantly, it will help you leave a memorable impression on every visitor that stops by your booth.

Train Your Staff

Your best workers and managers are not necessarily the best staff for your convention booth. You need assertive, outgoing, and friendly staff members who can attract potential customers and keep them on your display. The flashiest, most visually appealing trade show rentals won’t make up for unenthusiastic, bored, or inarticulate people manning your booth. If you have a small staff who usually work in back-end operations, invest in public speaking and in-person sales training workshops before sending your employees to a convention.

Invest in Incentives

It’s important to choose quality equipment rentals so that you have an eye-catching display, but you will need something more to attract visitors and to keep them there long enough to create an impression of your business, your products, and your brand. Many companies invest in small favors or incentives that they give to any booth visitors that take the time to visit their booth and learn about their business. These incentives can include pens, hats, keychains, coupons, water bottles, or any other small items you like.


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