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Event and Party Rentals - San Jose

Hire Superior Party Rental Services in San Jose, CA

First and foremost, no party is too big -or too small- for our team to handle.

With over 30 years of experience under our belts and almost a decade of our sales staff in the industry, we’re proud to say we offer exceptional party rental services to customers throughout the San Jose, CA area. It’s only natural – when planning a party, expectations are high, vision boards are created, and seating charts delineated. Anyone that plans an event knows that peace of mind is needed when looking to rely on expert rental services in San Jose, CA.

You need a staff that’s going to back you up on your ideas and bring solutions to the table, no matter what type of event you are celebrating. From delightful weddings to festivals in which large party tent rentals are needed to hold guests, to intimate parties, corporate celebrations, and much more.

We want to make sure you entertain and host for your guests while knowing everything is under control and looks as you envisioned it.

Everything You Need to Make Your Party Special

Parties, whatever the kind, are meant to be special occasions in which people gather to enjoy time together. Whether it’s an intimate wedding service, a party with hundreds and hundreds of guests, or a family reunion, what makes your party special and unique is the way you’ve been planning it from day one.

At Special Event Rents, we ensure your visions are met with our high-quality party rental products that include tables & chairs in various designs, stages, tents, linens, and other pieces of equipment.

Our large tent rentals and party rentals are designed to make your San Jose event stand out and create lasting memories. We like to go the extra mile and ensure your party is like no other.

Look Back on Your Party

For our staff and team, it is essential for our clients and their guests to be able to look back fondly on the events and treasured memories for many years.

With our years of experience installing difficult equipment and tenting in the Bay Area, we will ensure all party rentals look stunning at the time of your event and will assess you on specific insights to make sure it all goes as planned.

Call now or get in touch with our team for quotes and information. We’d be happy to hear from you!