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Successful Trade Show Exhibition

A trade show is a great way for a company to demonstrate your company’s services, grow your customer base, and interact with the community. A successful trade show exhibition will increase your company’s sales, making your initial investment in the costs of exhibiting at a trade show well worth it. Keep reading for some tips on event planning, and how to find the best trade show rentals in the Bay Area.

Cater to Your Audience

Because you’re using your trade show exhibition to draw in new customers, you’ll need to understand your audience and cater to them. Consider the demographics of your audience, and create a marketing plan for each target demographic. At the trade show, draw in and engage your visitors by using an interactive display, holding a contest, or giving away promotional items. Have your company’s table staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people who can hold conversations with visitors and answer their questions.

Advertise Well in Advance

Let your clients, customers, vendors, and business contacts know that your company will be participating in a trade show. Advertise via your company’s website, social media pages, and email listserv. Find out if the trade show has a conference program. If so, you can probably also advertise your company in the program as well. The program will let you notify attendees of your company’s booth number, services offered, and any promotions, giveaways, and activities that will occur at your booth.

Use a Trade Show Rentals Company

A trade show rentals company can provide you with valuable equipment rentals that will help your trade show booth stand out from the crowd. Consider using tent or stage rentals if the convention space doesn’t include them. Table and chair rentals may also be necessary, depending upon what is provided by the venue. Trade show rental companies also offer display accessories, such as pipe and drape and audiovisual equipment. You can also get great event planning advice, as trade show rental companies have years of experience handling special events.

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