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Benefits of Renting a Display

If you want to build your brand, establish important connections, and stay on the cutting edge of your industry, you should attend at least one major Bay Area convention or trade show each year. To attract visitors to your booth, you need an eye-catching, professional, and polished set-up. Building your own trade show booth is often prohibitively expensive, however, so the most prudent course of action is to contact a company that specializes in equipment rentals near San Francisco. Continue reading for a look at the benefits of renting a display.

Increased Return on Investment

Trade shows and conventions can help you reach new customers and spread brand awareness, but attending them can be costly. To make sure you get a good return on your investment, look for ways to reduce the expense of participating. One way to free up a large portion of your trade show budget is to eschew a custom display and opt for equipment rental. You can rent and customize a modular booth and kiosk for far less money than you would spend designing and build your own display.

Streamlined Event Planning

Attending a trade show requires extensive planning. You must decide which products or services you want to showcase, train employees to staff the booth and represent your business, and make travel arrangements. Designing a custom booth or display from scratch will drastically increase the amount of time you spend planning your trade show appearance. Trade show rentals with modular components offer a simple solution that still allows you to configure your display according to your tastes and needs.

Competitive Display Designs

Companies that offer convention rentals update their inventory from season to season to reflect the latest design trends for trade show displays. Renting the components allows you to build a competitive, cutting-edge display for your trade show appearances, and you can upgrade or change your booth from year to year or even from show to show at minimal cost. Customized displays can quickly become outdated, but since they cost so much to design and build, most businesses cannot afford to purchase new ones every year, let alone for each different trade show.


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