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Outdoor Tents Available for Medical Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Special Events counts on a first-rate inventory of temporary structures for disaster relief, hospitals, emergency control sites, on-site medical facilities, mobile field shelters, and more. Our temporary structures are available in many widths, lengths, and sizes to accommodate your application. If you are a hospital in need of emergency tents or someone who has suffered a natural disaster, we can help. We offer convenient and on-time solutions with temporary structures that can be mobilized quickly and safely to provide strong and stable relief and protection.

We can help in many types of challenging events

At Special Events, we offer a wide array of options for your emergency needs. Our tents are available in many sizes, styles and can adapt to different situations. The tents can also be equipped with lights and other comforts to provide aid, shelter, and relief.

Our temporary structures
can be used for:

  • Hospital Tents
  • Emergency Tents
  • Disaster Relief
  • Medical Emergency Centers
  • Temporary Housing
  • Large Area Maintenance Structures
Emergency equipment
available for rent:

  • Tents
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Heating
  • Staging
  • Pipe and Drape

Call Now for Outdoor Tent Rentals in the Bay Area

Our temporary structure sizes range from 20’ wide to 200’ wide and in any desired length
to fit your needs. We offer many customizable options including entry doors, steel roll-up doors,
roll-up sides, and more including custom premium cover tools.

If you are in need of a first-rate and secure structure for your emergency situation,
get in touch with our professionals right away.

Call 925-605-2900 or stop by the store for a free quote today.

Emergency Tent Rentals Available for Your Needs