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Event Rentals You Will Need

The big day is approaching, and you have a long list of event rentals you will need. There are many necessary event rentals in the Bay Area, but there are also some nonessential rentals as well. Speak with your rental company about all they have to offer you to make your wedding run as smoothly and beautifully as possible.

Chairs and Tables

Perhaps one of the most important event rentals for any gathering would be your tables and chairs. People need somewhere to sit to watch the ceremony, and they also need somewhere to congregate for the reception. Even if you are simply hosting a cocktail hour for your reception, consider renting bistro tables or bar stools so people have somewhere to lean or rest.

Linens and Dishware

In addition to your chairs and tables, you must remember the next important event rentals: dishware, flatware, and linens. Often, caterers will not provide any sort of dishware or silverware, so ask ahead of time. If they do not provide these items, then contact your rental company about clean dishware and fresh table linens.

Heaters and Coolers

Though the weather in the Bay Area tends to be mild, you should still put heaters or coolers on your list of event rentals. There are a few different factors that may influence whether you need a heater or cooler. Keep in mind that different areas of town can fluctuate in temperature, especially depending on certain times of the day. It may be a good idea to have a heater or cooler rental on standby.

Tents and Stages

If your wedding is outside in the fresh air, it is bound to be beautiful. However, renting a tent may be helpful in case of extremely sunny or rainy weather. Your venue will not be as beautiful if everyone is miserable during your wedding. In addition to your large outdoor tent, you may want to rent a stage and dance floor. In case your venue is over a grassy or dirt area, a stage and floor will prevent guests from getting stains and damaging grass with their shoes.

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