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Your Staging or Booth

For everything from festivals to conventions, pipe and drape rentals can make a big difference in your setting. By using pipe and drape rentals in your staging or booth, you can create a look that reflects your company and that is more pleasing to the eye of your audience. Here is a look at just a few of the ways that pipe and drape rentals in the Bay Area can work for you.


Pipe and drape systems are a cost-effective way of creating backdrops for a variety of events. For convention booths, you can choose drapes in colors that mirror your company logo, both to make your booth recognizable and to increase brand awareness. For a music festival, pipes and drapes can be used to create a backdrop for your staging and to differentiate between different stages. Pipe and drape rentals can also be used for weddings as a way to dress up a venue or to make a backdrop for the area in which vows will be exchanged.

Space Differentiating

Pipes and drapes can be used to carve up a larger space into different, designated areas. For instance, if you rent a trade show booth at a convention, you can use pipe and drape systems to create a private meeting area, space for employees to take a break, or a place for storage and behind-the-scenes preparation. For a fashion event or music show, pipes and drapes can be used to make private changing areas or backstage spaces. Because you can customize your configuration of pipe and drape rentals, you can use them to design a blank-canvas space to meet your needs.

Directional Guides

Shorter pipe and drape systems can be used to guide event attendees to specific places. At a music festival, you may use pipe and drapes to keep the line of concertgoers under control while you scan tickets. For conventions, pipe and drapes can help to direct attendees to registration. Pipes and drapes are easier to follow than wall signage, so you’ll have fewer issues with attendees getting confused about where to go.


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