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Planning a Festival

When planning a festival, you need to choose the correct event rentals in the Bay Area. This includes your large outdoor tents. Which tent is the correct one to choose, though? Continue reading for a brief explanation of different large tent rentals, and ask your rental company for further advice.

Pipe Frame-Supported Tents

Frame-supported tents utilize a strong framework within the fabric. Typically made of aluminum or steel pipes, these large event tents need a rope or cable located on the outside to anchor the tent to the ground. These tents are great for smaller events. Since there are no internal supports needed, there is ample space to move around under the tent.

Pole-Supported Tents

These tents are similar to frame-supported tents because they both require outside anchors. Pole-supported tents do not use an interior framework to shape the tent, though. The fabric is pulled tight and tensioned over individual poles that have been set up as tent support. Pole-supported tents were the first type of festival tents created, and they are still considered popular for all types of outdoor events.

Tensile Tents

Tensile tents are very popular party tent rentals. The tent’s concept is similar to pole-supported tents—the fabric requires tension to keep the structural integrity of the tent intact. The main difference between the two tents is the customizable capability within tensile tents. Since the fabric has been specially designed to respond to tension, these large tent rentals can be formed into creative designs and allow for more originality in a festival atmosphere.

Clearspan Tents

One of the most popular large outdoor tents is the clearspan, or box-beam, tent. This type of tent uses a strong, metal framework in its construction, which makes it ideal for long-term events in the Bay Area. These tents are typically meant for a large and open expanse of land, which allows the inside of the tent to be completely open. Clearspan tents are one of the ideal tents for a trade show rental where vendors can easily set up shop.

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