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Plan a Perfect Corporate Picnic

Corporate picnics are an excellent way to bring employees together to meet, socialize, and form friendships. If you’re looking into corporate event rentals in the Bay Area for an upcoming company get-together, then there are a few essential elements to include. Use the following tips to plan a perfect corporate picnic:
Set a date.

Choosing the best day for your corporate picnic is crucial for ensuring a good turnout. First, start by aiming for the spring and fall months, if you are able. Next, schedule the picnic for a weekday, since employees may not be thrilled about giving up a Saturday or Sunday to attend, and are also more likely to be available. Finally, check your calendar so you can avoid the mistake of scheduling the event too near to a major holiday.

Make a budget.

While it’s certainly not the most glamorous aspect of organizing an event, budgeting your resources is essential. Start by determining how many guests you expect, and then find a venue that will accommodate everyone without draining most of your funds. Once you know who is coming and where you will hold the picnic, you can start budgeting your allowances for food, drinks, prizes, and entertainment.

Rent a tent.

Even if the weather won’t be particularly hot at the time of your event, it’s essential to provide the guests with a way to stay out of the sun. Look into what large tent rentals are available near you, and select products that will provide enough shade for the attendees to find relief from the sun if needed. If you expect it to be hot or rainy, then look into large, outdoor tents that can cover all of the seating for the event.

Choose a theme.

When your event is held to celebrate something specific, then it’s more likely to be memorable for the guests, and you’ll also find that it can be easier to plan. Establishing a party theme can help you select activities, decorations, and invitations that tie the picnic together.


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