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Popular Tent Accessories

You have rented a tent in the Bay Area, but can you think of anything else you need for your special event? Of course, you can! There are a few essential accessories that should come with any large tent rental. These accessories, such as sidewalls and air conditioning units, can keep your guests comfortable and in a better mood during your event. This can positively influence your special event, whether it is a wedding or festival. Check out some popular tent accessories to consider for your event.


Installing sidewalls is a smart choice, but it can be an aesthetic choice, as well. Sidewalls are typically installed to protect guests or festival-goers from weather or possible pests. There are many options when choosing a sidewall for your party tent rental. You can choose a transparent or mesh sidewall so your guests can enjoy the view outside but remain in comfort. There are also sidewalls with windows built-in or a solid white option.


In addition to sidewalls, you can also have doors installed in your large outdoor tent. These doors can help define the entrance and exit points, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. Doors typically come in French doors or single-style.


Though you can install a stage inside or outside of a party tent rental, you will never go wrong by installing one in your event tent. If you have music playing or presentations, then a stage allows a noticeable and easily-accessed area for your guests and speakers to participate. In case your large outdoor tent is installed over grass or dirt, a stage can help minimize dust and make your guests more comfortable.

Air Conditioning or Heating

You will want the option of air conditioning or heating at certain times of the year, especially living in the Bay Area. When you rent a tent and sidewalls, you should consider adding on air conditioning or heating units for the comfort of your guests. The sidewalls and doors will help contain the heated or cooled air, and your guests will be much happier during your event.


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