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The Perfect Addition to Any Wedding

If you’re looking for large tent rentals in the Bay Area for your wedding, you may appreciate some advice. Big tents are the perfect addition to any wedding, as they provide shelter from the sun, wind, and rain for your guests and party rentals. Keep reading to learn more about large tent rentals for your wedding.

Know Your Guest Count Before Choosing a Tent Rental

The most important piece of information to have before picking out a wedding tent rental is the number of guests who will be attending your wedding. You’ll also need to decide what types of table and chair rentals you’ll be using; whether you want a stage inside the tent; and whether you’ll need to include space for a bar, buffet, dance floor, and cocktail tables. This information will help you choose the perfect sized tent to fit all of your guests, equipment, tables, chairs, and stage comfortably. A party rental company should be able to help you calculate the right tent size.

Choose a Tent Type

Tent rentals are available in different styles, as well as different sizes. You can choose the type of tent rental you’d prefer based upon the overall aesthetic you desire, and how many guests you’ll have. A canopy tent or outdoor canopy is small, without sidewalls or an awning, and must be ground-supported. A tension tent has a sculptured top and is supported by center poles and perimeter poles. A frame-supported tent is freestanding and smaller than other tent rentals and must be anchored to the ground with a rope or cable. A clearspan tent has a box-beam framework, making them much roomier than other tent rentals.

Consider Tent Extras

When coordinating your tent rental with a party rental company, ask about tent extras. You can choose furniture rentals, chair covers, a stage, and a dance floor to contribute to the fun of your wedding. You can also pick out wedding linens and tabletop service for your table rentals. Consider other equipment rentals as well, such as space heaters and fans, to keep your wedding guests comfortable.

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