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Party Rentals in San Francisco and the Bay Area

A party rental company can help you coordinate some of the most important details of your big event. From birthday parties and wedding receptions to corporate events, party rental companies can offer a number of different services perfect for events big and small. If you’re looking for party rentals in San Francisco and the Bay Area, take note of these answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Can a Party Rental Company Provide?

A party rental company can provide you with almost every element you’ll need for a flawless event. The company can provide tents, chair covers, party furniture, table and chair rentals, outdoor canopies, equipment, and stages. They can set up a dance floor for your guests, provide you with patio heaters or fans, and even provide tabletop service with your choice of linens, centerpieces, and tableware. Beyond that, they will coordinate delivery of your rental equipment to your venue, and set up and break down all rental equipment.

How Early Should I Book a Party Rental Company?

The earlier you hire a party rental company, the better. If you speak to a rental company at least two to three months prior to your event, they can help you coordinate with your venue, vendors, and caterers. They will be able to look at the number of people on your guest list and advise you as to how many chairs, glasses, and other party rentals you will need. The more details that you and the rental company can plan in advance, the smoother your event will run.

Can Rental Companies Help With Smaller Events?

Most rental companies work with events of all sizes. They should have experience working with private cocktail parties, major corporate events, small holiday parties, large festivals, wedding receptions, and more. Regardless of the size of your event, a party rental company will be able to help you plan every last detail, ensuring a safe and exciting party for you and your guests.


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