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Enjoy Your Party Worry-Free

If you are in charge of party planning in San Francisco or Livermore for an upcoming event, you have a lot to consider. Between the guest list, finding a venue, picking your party décor, and choosing party entertainment, you may find that some necessary tasks just feel impossible to complete. Working with a party rental company in the Bay Area can lighten your load, letting you enjoy your party worry-free.

They Will Help You Plan

Most party rental companies offer a variety of packages designed to help you plan the most important elements of your big event. Whether you’re planning a small family gathering or a large festival, the rental company will be there every step of the way with guidance and a helping hand. Professional planners will also prepare for things you may not have thought about, like weather conditions. Some companies can even coordinate parking, caterers, and security for the event, if necessary.

They Can Offer Event Set-up and Break-down

A party rental company will not only provide you with all of the equipment you need for a beautiful event but can also set it up for you and break it down at the end of the party. They will coordinate delivery of your party equipment to the venue and arrange it to your specifications. Many rental companies offer tabletop service for your guests, providing you with your choice of table settings, linens, and accessories—the party planning staff can even elegantly set the table for you.

They Will Have a Wide Variety of Rentals

Rental companies can provide you with tables, chairs, linens, tableware, and a stage and equipment if you plan to use a band or DJ at your event. Many offer tent rentals for outdoor events and can provide you with flooring, heaters, fencing, and lighting. If you’re planning a corporate event like a convention or a trade show, your rental company can set up pipe and drape displays, banners, sound systems, and furniture.


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