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Choosing a Large Tent in San Jose

Whether you are a corporate black tie gala to a non-profit fundraiser, the tent rental may be an essential service to help your event come together in an outdoor setting. With a plethora of beautiful outdoor event spaces in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can host any event in style utilizing the comfort, beauty, and security of tents and temporary structures from Special Events in Livermore. We serve the entire Northern and Central California with tents and rentals suited for corporate events, festivals, weddings, trade shows and emergencies. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about large tent rentals to create the perfect atmosphere for your upcoming event.

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Tent Sizing Guidelines

Size requirements for your large tent rental will be highly dependent on the nature of your event. Tents can range in size from a 400 sq. foot to 40,000 sq. ft. A corporate or festival tents can be very large and more complex in nature due to its functionality. A wedding ceremony with full seating, for example, will only require 8-10 square feet per person, while a buffet dinner with dancing will call for about 22-24 square feet per person. Since the sizing guidelines will vary so much for different events, our staff is prepared to work with you to determine the best square footage estimate for your needs.

Tent Styles

There are many styles of tent you can choose from to get the look of your event just right. Tent styles include canopy, frame, tension, and clearspan structures and more, which are all available in a range of sizes to suit your special event.

Tent Rental FAQs

How can I customize the tent for my event?

In addition to tents, Special Events can provide lighting, décor, and temporary flooring to create a space that is perfect for your party theme.

What type of preparation needs to be done for tent installation?

Along with a tent permit, you may need to ensure that preparations are made at your event site to clear space for the tent. Tent installation requires that the ground be totally clear of structures and other items, and this includes the area surrounding the tent itself.

What kind of safety measures do I need to think about?

Wind and weather conditions are a top concern for tent rentals. Fire safety is another concern particularly if you have rented a walled tent that is completely enclosed.

What kind of stacking is required?

Stacking depends on the weather, water resources, area and other factors. Our specialist will help with the various requirements for staking.

What are some of the upgrade options for tents?

There are many options for upgrades. You can literally transform a tent with curtains, lighting, French doors, couches chandeliers’ to name just a few. If you can envision it we can design it.

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