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Building Codes

There are building codes and laws all over the world, and they are often strictly enforced as a matter of public safety. These codes keep people safe from health implications and dangerous situations. Let’s look at why it is important that you follow any building codes for your stationary buildings and large outdoor tents in the Bay Area.

It Is the Law

Building codes are required by local and federal governments to ensure that a building or outdoor structure has been built correctly. These codes are considered law, and they can be enforced if you do not follow them. For example, a building or large outdoor tent may have certification that only allows for a certain number of people in the area at one time. If this is not followed, then the owner or person in charge could be held under charges for neglect or recklessness. Always follow the building codes for any type of building or event rental.

Building Codes Keep People Safe

It is necessary that your customers feel safe whenever they enter your building or large outdoor tent. If you do not follow the right building codes, or your customers find out that you are not following them, then they could stop doing business with you. Safety is also crucial to the integrity of your building, tents, or rental items. If you do not follow the codes, then a fire or disaster could happen, which would result in potential injuries and damages during your special event. Follow all of the necessary regulations to keep your customers safe and you in compliance.

Following Rules Can Save Money

Many building codes—even those for large outdoor tents and canopy rentals—can help you save money. For example, letting in more than the required limit could be dangerous and take a toll on your heating or cooling equipment. If you must spend more money on your temperature-regulating rental equipment, then you have lost any profit you might have gained by renting a tent and other items.

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