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Conventions Themes

Conventions about certain themes, such as a popular television show or comic books, have been around for decades. This popularity has led to the creation of other conventions and festivals for gamers, book-lovers, and magicians. Vendors at these conventions can display their supplies under festival tents or within their individual pipe and drape rental in the Bay Area. Guests can peruse the vendors and attend panels as they like. Let’s take a quick look at some popular conventions ideas.
Gaming Conventions

There are many types of gaming conventions to please all gamers. Games can include electronic games for computers, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Other games may include board games or tabletop games, such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Book Festivals

Book festivals are a popular event for lovers of reading and writing to hear from their favorite authors and purchase more books. Book festivals can often be found on university campuses. Dozens of vendors—in books or other local organizations—can gather under festival tents to showcase new and popular books to guests.

Magic Conventions

Magic conventions present a unique opportunity for professional magicians, amateur magicians, and magic enthusiasts to gather in one location. These conventions often showcase new tricks, informative materials, and other magic paraphernalia.

Tattoo Conventions

Many tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo artists will come together at day or weekend-long conventions. These events often include live tattooing, artistic competitions, and other body-modification exhibitions. Each tattoo artist or vendor can easily separate their locations with pipe and drape rentals or festival booths.

Writing Conferences

Writers from all over will attend various writing conferences in the Bay Area. These events give amateur and professional authors the chance to learn more about the craft of writing through workshops and informative panels. Readers may also enjoy attending a writing conference because they can listen to and meet with their favorite authors.

Jewelry Expos

Jewelry, gemstone, and craft expos are popular events to find high-quality and affordable jewelry. Vendors can set their handmade pieces up in their individual booth or pipe and drape rental. Guests can easily walk up and down rows to see each vendor’s supply.


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