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Photography Backdrop

Special events are often the perfect opportunity for friends, coworkers, and family members to commemorate special occasions with memorable photographs. If you’re looking into large tent rentals in the Bay Area for an upcoming event, then don’t forget to think about your photography backdrop. Use these tips to set up the ideal environment for your special event photos:

Think about your theme.

Coordinating the photography backdrop for your special event rental with the theme of the occasion is an excellent way to ensure lasting memories for your attendees. If you’re hosting a corporate event, then consider integrating your business name or a recent milestone that your company achieved into the photo backdrop. If your event is a birthday party, then consider including the birthday person’s age, favorite colors, or hobbies into the photo setup. Finally, if you’re unsure of how to tie the event theme into the photography backdrop, choosing a color that matches those of the event décor is a sure way to go.

Don’t forget about props.

Even for corporate and professional events, incorporating props into your photo backdrop can help make the occasion fun and unforgettable. For prom events, faux balustrades or balloons are tried and true favorites. On the other hand, if you’re setting up a photography background for a wedding, fresh flowers and draping are often ideal. If you’re feeling stuck, learn what props are offered by the event rental company that you’re working with; knowing what’s available can help you develop ideas.

Light up the scene.

As any photographer will tell you, lighting is key for event photos. If you’re planning to rent a tent, then you or the photographer will need to provide additional lighting. However, if your event is outdoors, then nature may take care of the lighting for you. Think about the hours of the day that your event will span, and if it makes sense to host your photos outdoors. If you’re unsure, talk to the photographer about your options.


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