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Convention Rentals in the Bay Area

When you’re hosting a convention in the Bay Area, creating the right look for your space is the first step to having a great event. Ensuring that your convention room is fitted with everything your attendees need for a productive time will help to make your event a must-attend gathering in the future. Make sure your space looks perfect with these ideas for convention rentals in the Bay Area.


Tents are ideal for an event because they are blank canvases to set up in any way you wish. Host your event in a series of tents, or use tents to set-up casual spaces for attendees to meet and mingle. Tents are also great for hosting a keynote dinner or putting on an awards presentation. Be sure to rent an adequate amount of tables and seating for your guests. You can make your tents look lusher by renting pipe and drape systems to cover the walls. Choose drapes in colors that match your event logo and another branding.


Staging helps to define your event space and set aside areas that will be used for special parts of your programming. If you plan to have panel discussions or speeches, you will need staging to focus your guests’ attention in the right space and to separate the speakers from the attendees. If your convention will have an awards component or live entertainment, you will also benefit from having staging. Stages are available in an array of sizes and set-ups, so choose the features that work with how you plan to use the space.


Pipe and drape systems are easy to set up and bring warmth to sterile convention halls. Line the walls with pipe and drape systems, or use them to delineate booth areas. Using different colors of drapes in different parts of your convention space can help your attendees navigate the event.


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