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Tented weddings

Tented weddings are a favorite for spring, summer, and fall weddings, and they are an ideal option for brides who want to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors on their big day, but still have a place to retreat should the weather choose not to cooperate. If you’re planning to rent a tent near Livermore or the Bay Area for your upcoming wedding, then continue reading for some stunning tent wedding ideas.

Hanging Arrangements

Shimmering chandeliers are a popular choice for tent weddings. However, if you’re searching for something more unique and natural-looking, then consider hanging floral arrangements from the tent’s roof. By incorporating your floral theme overhead as well as in your centerpieces and garlands, you can pull your event’s color scheme together and give your tent a naturally elegant atmosphere.

Green Chandeliers

Another possible take on the traditional and elegant chandelier is to construct greenery-covered chandeliers using a mixture of branches, fabrics, and vines.

Fairy Lights

String lights are an incredibly popular addition to wedding décor, and this should come as no surprise when you consider how much ambiance these simple items can add to a space. Fairy lights work well for weddings held at any time of day, but they can be perfect for events that extend into the late afternoon and evening. If you’re interested in turning your outdoor event tent into a romantic retreat, then consider incorporating fairy and string lights into the drapes and decorations.

Dangling Lanterns

Another option for adding romantic lighting to your tent wedding is to hang a multitude of glass lanterns from the roof. If you’re concerned about the fire hazard that this may cause, then you can simply place battery-powered faux candles inside your lanterns.

Pipe and Drape

Pipe and drape rentals offer you a way to add more color to your large tent rental’s interior or create separate spaces for different activities, such as photo booths and dressing areas. Pipe and drape options are incredibly versatile, available in a wide range of colors, and offer you a simple way to dress up your wedding venue.

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