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How Pipe and Drape Rentals Can Be Used

Pipe and drape rentals in the Bay Area are useful and beautiful convention rentals. They can come in a variety of colors and sizes to match the event décor. They also provide necessary features, including a way to separate vendors at a convention or guide customers through a line. Read on to learn more about how pipe and drape rentals can be used.

Photo Backdrops

When there is a reason for professional photography, using a pipe and drape system is the best way to add more personality to the photos. Pipe and drape systems come in a variety of colors and fabric textures to match any theme or color scheme. When planning a photo backdrop for a prom, school dance, or formal event, ensure the color is neutral and flattering to all types of outfits. If there is a specific color scheme for the event décor, then order a pipe and drape rental in a matching or complementary color. This will ensure there are no clashing colors among the decorations or event guests.

Convention Booths

Pipe and drape systems are the perfect way to separate various vendors at a trade show or convention. With a pipe and drape rental, each vendor will have an equal opportunity to attract customers however they desire. Pipe and drape rentals also create easy decorating options. Whether the convention managers follow a specific color scheme—or they allow the vendors to choose individual colors—the convention will have the foundation for beautiful decorations.

Line Guides

There are often hundreds or thousands of people attending Bay Area conventions, making it necessary to establish clear queueing systems. Pipe and drape systems make attractive and professional-looking line guides no matter where they are installed. These convention rentals are also easily moved and versatile whenever a line must be adjusted. Pipe and drape line guides can be set up to direct convention guests to high-traffic areas, such as a registration or gift-receiving table.

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