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The Best Type of Décor

Now that you have rented a tent in the Bay Area, you must determine the best type of décor. Thankfully, your tent rental company has many more event rentals to help you decorate your event. You can combine your lighting and decorations by using chandeliers, strings of light, and lanterns. You may also prefer a more natural look with garlands and vines. No matter your preference, here are some different ways to decorate your large outdoor tent:

Garlands can be made of leaves, flowers, or a combination of both. If your event is centered around nature or the environment, then hanging garlands are the best decorations for your tent or canopy rental.


Whether you choose elegant chandeliers or rustic versions, this type of event rental decoration is a must-have for your event tent. With chandeliers providing light across your large tent, you will have a beautifully illuminated event.


If your event is held during the day, or you anticipate a bright evening, then consider using sheer fabric or clear plastic to cover the top of your large outdoor tent. By allowing your guests to look up at the sky, especially during sunset, the event tent will be awash with the gorgeous colors seen in the Bay Area sky.

String Lights

Simplicity is a great design technique, and stringing lights across your event tent is a simple way to bring light into your event without overwhelming your guests. You can wrap long strands of white or colored lights around the tent pipes and across the ceiling. This simple lighting technique will create a feeling of whimsy during your event.


If you prefer a rustic décor at your event or wedding, then try chandeliers of barren vines across your tent or canopy rental. With long strings of vines across your tent ceiling, your guests will be transported to a winter garden.


Another way to utilize light and décor is with hanging lanterns. Lanterns can match almost any event décor, and they will provide soft, filtered light throughout your event.


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