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Planning a Convention

Conventions are exciting events, but there are plenty of important details to consider when you are planning a convention. With so many moving parts, you cannot forget your convention rentals in the Bay Area. Your convention rentals can make or break the entire affair, so you will want to make sure you work with a company that can provide everything you need. Here are some of the big details to consider when planning out your convention rentals:

Amount of Attendees

When planning a big convention, all of the details come down to how many people you expect will show up. There are several factors to help you decide how many people might show up. How many people are in your convention’s demographic? How big is the city it is located in? These are just a couple questions that you should be answering to help you determine the number of convention rentals you will need. Depending on the type of convention, and how long it will last, you may need to set up a food booth rental, or tabletops and chairs to allow people a place to rest.

Available Space

Think about the space available. You may be expecting hundreds of people to show up throughout the day, but your space is limited to only a handful of tabletop rentals. Alternatively, you may have a huge field where your convention or festival will be located. You can fit hundreds or thousands of guests, so you need to fill up space with festival tents and booths to accommodate.

Number of Vendors

On top of the amount of space you have and the number of guests you anticipate, you have to consider the whole reason this convention is happening—the vendors! Your vendors need a good place to set up their booths and showcase their wares. Consider the best layout to give all of your vendor’s equal amounts of space or showcasing time. This will keep your vendors and your convention guests happy.


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