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Pipe and Drape Systems

If you are planning an event, then pipe and drape systems may play an important role in setting the stage. Pipe and drape systems can be used alongside other rentals, including festival tents and food booths, for everything from corporate events to festival planning in the Bay Area. If you are considering using pipe and drape rentals in your event, here are the answers to some of the questions that are likely to be on your mind.

What are pipe and drape systems?

Pipe and drape systems consist of a series of pipes that are pieced together to hold drapes, in a similar fashion to a curtain rod. The freestanding system can be put in a multitude of locations and can be personalized to meet the needs of your event. Pipe and drape rentals are affordable, which makes them popular for festivals, corporate events, and trade shows.

Where can pipe and drape systems be used?

One of the biggest benefits of pipe and drape rentals is that they can be used in nearly any location. You may wish to use pipe and drapes to create a backdrop for a stage or to make a backdrop for a trade show booth. Pipe and drapes can also be used to close off a private meeting area or to keep products under wraps until you are ready to reveal them during a presentation. If you use short pipe and drape systems, you can use them to create a walkway through the registration area or towards a main stage. You can even use pipe and drapes as simple decorations or to obscure any unsightly wall damage in your venue.

How do I choose pipe and drape systems?

Talk to your pipe and drape rental company about your needs for your event. They can help you select the right heights and colors for your pipe and drape systems and to determine how many systems you need to rent. Keep in mind that your systems can be easily transported during your event, so you can move them to different parts of your venue as needed.

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