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California’s Fire Prevention Regulations

To enjoy an outdoor festival or public event, California has certain requirements for fire prevention in large outdoor tents and event rentals in the Bay Area. These regulations consist of following specific rules while using an outdoor event tent and using only approved nonflammable materials. Let’s take a closer look at some of California’s fire prevention regulations:

Use Nonflammable Materials

California’s fire prevention regulations prohibit the use of flammable materials in decorations, curtains, linens, and other hanging materials. This regulation also applies to Christmas trees and the canopy rentals they are housed in. All of these decorative materials should be made from a nonflammable construction or treated with a flame-retardant solution. By using event rentals and tents made in this manner, the possibility of a fire or panic will be reduced.

Follow Strict Tent Rules

There are many rules to follow when renting a tent for a public venue in the Bay Area. Any vehicles parked near a large outdoor tent should be at least 20 feet from the tent. The tent fabrics and interior fabrics should be made from non-flammable materials. If there are any combustible material on the floor—such as sawdust or wood shavings—they should be treated with a flame-resistant material or kept damp. There should be “No Smoking” signs in all public tents as well as outside. All fire protection equipment, like a fire extinguisher, should be made visible and not covered by decorations or tent curtains. If the large outdoor tent has a capacity of 500 people or more, then at least one trained fire safety person should be in the tent. For further regulations, check out California’s Flame Retardant Regulations.

Have a Seal of Registration

A Seal of Registration is used to officially communicate that the chemical or material has been approved by the State Fire Marshal and other officials as a flame retardant. This Seal should have adhered to tent rentals, canvas, and other decorative products. This Seal may also be used to label approved chemicals.

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