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A Trade Show

If your company is using a trade show to expand your client base and show potential customers what you have to offer, you want to attract a lot of visitors to your booth or table. With the help of an equipment rental company, you can use convention and trade show rentals in the Bay Area to make your trade show exhibit stand out. Here are some great ways to use rental equipment to draw guests to your trade show exhibit.

Advertise Your Contests and Giveaways

The easiest way to draw visitors to your trade show exhibit is by promoting the contests and product giveaways that you’ll have for your guests. Advertise these promotional events ahead of time, and during the event. You might consider a raffle, a clever game with promotional prizes, or just a simple contest. Have a member of your team stand in front of your table to engage with visitors and make them aware of the products that they could win.
Enhance Your Exhibit With Display Accessories
A trade show rental company can offer unique or customizable display accessories for your trade show exhibit. You can make your exhibit more attractive and eye-catching using pipe and drape in your company colors, and by taking advantage of table and chair rentals to provide visitors with somewhere comfortable to sit, talk, and look over your promotional materials. You may even consider using audio and visual equipment rentals to catch the attention of visitors and give your booth an edge over others.

Use Bold, Engaging Signage

You want your visitors to know exactly what company you represent, and what services you have to offer, even as they’re just walking by. Use bold, engaging signage that is easy to read and isn’t overcrowded with text and information. The signs should be large, professionally made, and should be in your company’s colors and prominently feature your company’s logo. Consider using signs that invite visitors to stop by and sample or test a product you’re featuring, or enter a contest or giveaway.

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