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Corporate events play a vital role in the business world; from awards ceremonies and fundraisers to celebrations and team-building activities, corporate events encompass a wide range of purposes and goals. If you’re planning a corporate event, Special Events is here to help with convenient corporate event rentals in Northern California. Our event rentals include outdoor event tents, canopy rentals, stages, and tables and chairs to ensure you have everything you need for your next corporate function.

Top Reasons to Hold a Corporate Event

Corporate events serve a variety of functions, including celebrations for a job well done, promotion of a new product or service, and fundraising or networking opportunities. The type of corporate event you plan to hold will influence the style, atmosphere, and needs of your event, from black-tie formals to casual get-togethers.

  1. Conferences, seminars, and trade shows are held with collaboration and networking in mind. These events often require spaces for formal presentations, displays, and booths, as well as areas for mingling and refreshments.
  2. Awards ceremonies provide the perfect setting to reward individuals, teams, and divisions for a job well done; these events may be planned following a vital deadline or to celebrate retirements, promotions, and transfers. In most cases, awards events feature speeches or presentations from a stage, as well as a sit-down meal.
  3. Fundraisers and project launches often highlight your business accomplishments or the causes you support. Like awards ceremonies, these events may include stage presentations and meals or refreshments, as well as auctions, demonstrations, and photo or press opportunities.

Questions to Ask When Planning Your Corporate Event

There are several questions you should ask yourself when planning your corporate event. Understanding the style of event you want to host and the specific needs of your guests can help you design a setting and a schedule that work in perfect sync. You can find out more about corporate event rentals in Northern California or get started planning your next event by calling Special Events today at (925) 605-2900.

  • What type of atmosphere do I want to create?
  • Am I planning to provide a meal or refreshments?
  • Does my venue have tables and chairs available, and if so, will I have enough?
  • Could my event benefit from a formal stage for presentations or announcements?
  • Will my event take place solely indoors, or would I like to include an outdoor setting?
  • What will I do if the weather is poor on my event date?
  • Do I need to provide booths or accommodations for posters and presentations?
  • Do I need a registration or reception area?
  • Will I need to accommodate lines?

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