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What Not to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

Your Bay Area wedding will be a memorable affair with a beautiful San Jose, CA canopy rental, gorgeous linens, and amazing decorations. Part of planning a great wedding, though, begins with your ...
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Planning the Perfect Product Launch

Product launches are important to showcase a new product or a new company. A launch event gives your guests a great opportunity to experience the product and enjoy a corporate event. You can plan the ...
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Advice for Picking Your Wedding Colors

Picking wedding colors is as important as picking dresses, suits, and event rentals in the Bay Area. Your wedding colors will influence all those choices, so it is vital that you pick out the right ...
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The Elements of a Successful Fundraiser

You may already be looking into your options for corporate event rentals in San Jose or the Bay Area if you’re planning to organize a fundraiser, but there are other factors to consider when it ...
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Stylish Color Schemes for Your Wedding

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, and you’re looking into event rentals near San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, then you’re probably aware of how much impact the time of ...
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Picking Out Wedding Linens

Your big day is quickly approaching, and in addition to your party tent rental, you need to pick out the linens for your wedding reception. These linens can be anything you want, from a simple white ...
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How to Prepare for Your Table Top Service

Table top rentals, also known as china, linens, and flatware, are an essential part of every event. You need to know what to order and how to prepare to receive your table top rentals in San Jose, CA. ...
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Choosing Your Wedding Rentals

Wedding and event rentals in San Jose, CA and the Bay Area can be a fun part of planning a wedding. You have almost limitless options in linen colors, decorations, and canopy rentals. Whether you ...
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Wedding Linens 101

Along with your tabletop rentals in San Jose, CA, do not forget your table linens. Many brides may not realize how much decision goes into this essential event rental. However, if a bride has a clear ...
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Should You Consider a Food Booth Rental?

If you own a restaurant and are attending an upcoming special event, then consider getting a food booth rental near San Jose. When a popular convention comes to town, showcase your excellent menu with ...
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Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings and wedding receptions are a beautiful way to celebrate your special event. To ensure the comfort of you and your guests, however, you should ask an event planning or party rental ...
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Customizing Your Outdoor Wedding

Your wedding will be one of the most special events in your life, which is why wedding planning in San Jose is easier with the help of a wedding event planning and party rental company. If ...
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Decorating Your Outdoor Wedding Tent

If you are planning an outdoor wedding or wedding reception, a canopy tent or large tent rental is a great way to shield your guests and party rentals from sun, rain, and the rest of the elements. A ...
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What You Need to Know About Wedding Tents

If you’re looking for large tent rentals in San Jose or the Bay Area for your wedding, you may appreciate some advice. Big tents are the perfect addition to any wedding, as they provide shelter ...
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How to Plan a Successful Event

Planning your wedding reception or other big event can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Fortunately, working with a company specializing in party rentals in San Jose can help you create a venue that ...
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Staging Your Next Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have a major event on the horizon? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or an award ceremony, you may need to rent a stage to make your event come ...
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Tips for Your Tent Rental

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding or wedding reception, you’ll want a large tent rental from a party rental company in San Jose. Your tent rental should be big enough to comfortably ...
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A Guide to Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings in San Jose can be incredibly beautiful, especially when they are held outside and the weather is temperate. There are a few things that you can do with the help of a wedding event ...
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Planning Your Wedding Reception

If you’re planning a wedding reception in San Francisco, you probably have a lot on your to-do list. Choosing a Bay Area wedding reception venue and a party rental company, as well as picking ...
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Your Guide to Planning Your Dream Wedding

Your engagement should be a whirlwind of fun and excitement, and your wedding should be one of the most memorable days of your life. If you’ve been thinking about your dream wedding since you ...
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The Benefits of Wedding Rental Companies

Wedding planning in San Francisco can be costly, so you should consider venues outside of the city itself. At locations in the East Bay, such as Livermore, you can reserve an outdoor space for a ...
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Coordinating With Your Wedding Rental Company

Working with a Bay Area wedding rental company can help to make your big day both stress-free and memorable. Wedding rental companies can help you plan every last detail, working with caterers, ...
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Choosing Rentals for Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding and considering using a party planning company near San Francisco? Your wedding reception should be the best party of your life, so it should be planned to the last detail. ...
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Party Planning Tips for an Outdoor Event

Event planning in San Francisco can be simple if you start with the right steps and the right party rental company. If you plan ahead by preparing for the weather and making sure you’re ready to ...
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The Advantages of Working with a Party Rental Company

If you are in charge of party planning in San Francisco or Livermore for an upcoming event, you have a lot to consider. Between the guest list, finding a venue, picking your party décor, and ...
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