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Steps for Organizing an Employee Appreciation Event

An employee appreciation event is a great way to boost morale on your team and let your staff know that their work doesn’t go unnoticed. Putting on an event doesn’t have to be as ...
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Ideas for Planning a Successful Seminar

A seminar is a perfect opportunity to establish yourself as an authority in your field and connect with people who can use your knowledge, products, and services. Planning a seminar that gives your ...
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Simplify Event Networking with This Free App

If you’re a professional who specializes in special event or festival planning in San Jose or the Bay Area, then you already know how valuable it is to have a powerful network of entertainers, ...
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Choosing Drapery and Booths for Your Upcoming Trade Show

No matter which Bay Area trade show you are participating in, there are a few helpful ways to choose the right pipe and drape rentals. As part of your festival preparation near San Jose, CA, you want ...
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Spotlight on Our Emergency Rental Services

Though no one expects a disaster to occur in the Bay Area, accidents can happen in the blink of an eye. Fires start, weather conditions change, and medical emergencies can begin without any notice. ...
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Stylish Color Schemes for Your Wedding

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, and you’re looking into event rentals near San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, then you’re probably aware of how much impact the time of ...
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Fun Décor for a Sweet 16 Birthday

Is your daughter’s 16 th birthday coming up? If so, then you may be wondering how to make the day fun and memorable. Luckily, there’s no shortage of options for planning an entertaining ...
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Tips for Planning the Perfect Corporate Picnic

Corporate picnics are an excellent way to bring employees together to meet, socialize, and form friendships. If you’re looking into corporate event rentals in San Jose, CA or the Bay Area for an ...
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Picking Out Wedding Linens

Your big day is quickly approaching, and in addition to your party tent rental, you need to pick out the linens for your wedding reception. These linens can be anything you want, from a simple white ...
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How to Prepare for Your Table Top Service

Table top rentals, also known as china, linens, and flatware, are an essential part of every event. You need to know what to order and how to prepare to receive your table top rentals in San Jose, CA. ...
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Should You Consider a Food Booth Rental?

If you own a restaurant and are attending an upcoming special event, then consider getting a food booth rental near San Jose. When a popular convention comes to town, showcase your excellent menu with ...
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Tips for Planning Party Tent Rentals

When you rent a tent in the Bay Area, there are several factors to consider. Party tent rentals come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. There are also different landscape areas each tent type will ...
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The Business Owner's Guide to Trade Show Rentals

Attending a trade show is a big opportunity for your business. Trade shows are terrific networking opportunities, and you have the ability to present your products, services, or ideas to a large group ...
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Setting Up Your Trade Show Booth

Exhibiting at a trade show or convention is a great opportunity for your business to network and make valuable impressions with potential customers. However, just being in attendance at a trade show ...
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How to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

If your company is using a trade show to expand your client base and show potential customers what you have to offer, you want to attract a lot of visitors to your booth or table. With the help of an ...
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Make Your Trade Show Exhibition a Success

A trade show is a great way for a company to demonstrate your company’s services, grow your customer base, and interact with the community. A successful trade show exhibition will increase your ...
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Staging Your Next Event [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you have a major event on the horizon? Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or an award ceremony, you may need to rent a stage to make your event come ...
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Corporate Event Rentals 101

If you’re planning a corporate event, you’re probably looking for convention rentals in San Jose. A party rental company can help you coordinate the details of your event planning, and ...
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Tips for Planning a Terrific Convention

Conventions and trade shows offer you the perfect opportunity to launch a new product or service, interact with current and potential customers, and size up your competitors. In order to take full ...
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The Benefits of Trade Show Rentals

If you want to build your brand, establish important connections, and stay on the cutting edge of your industry, you should attend at least one major Bay Area convention or trade show each year. To ...
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How Event Planning Can Ensure a Stress-Free Event

Planning an event can make even the most organized person turn into a ball of nerves. If you’re planning a Bay Area corporate event, a kid’s birthday party, or a wedding reception in San ...
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Preparing for a Trade Show

Trade shows provide excellent opportunities for small business owners to build brand awareness and potentially sell their products or services to a wider consumer base. Trade show event planning in ...
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