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Transform Your Trade Show Using Pipe and Drape

There are many ways to ensure your Bay Area trade show or festival is memorable for your guests. You can feature exceptional vendors, festival booths, and entertainment. You can also strive for ...
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Tips for Organizing an Effective Networking Event

Networking events are necessary in the Bay Area, because they can open doors for people looking for jobs or business connections. If you want to organize an effective networking event, then you need ...
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Improve Your Meeting Hall's Acoustics with Pipe and Drape Rentals

Pipe and drape rentals are already great for providing attractive backdrops and showcasing festival booth rentals for Bay Area conventions. However, you can also improve the acoustics of almost any ...
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Important Considerations for Planning an Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event comes with many stresses, such as the weather and local regulations. However, you can plan a successful outdoor event with the right event rentals and early preparation. For ...
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Popular Convention Ideas

Conventions about certain themes, such as a popular television show or comic books, have been around for decades. This popularity has led to the creation of other conventions and festivals for gamers, ...
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Decorate Your Rental Tent with Drapes

A large tent rental near San Jose, CA and the Bay Area typically comes in a simple white design, but it can be decorated with different design elements. Along with your pipe and drape rental and other ...
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Keep These Entertainment Ideas in Mind for Your Next Corporate Event

To give your employees the best time at your next Bay Area corporate event, you need to find the right entertainment. Like your corporate event rentals, the entertainment should be appealing and ...
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Take a Look at Often Forgotten Rental Equipment

There is a large variety of rental equipment to suit any event or need, such as large outdoor tents, tabletop rentals, and pipe and drape rentals. However, there are also some frequently overlooked ...
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How to Successfully Plan an Off-Site Corporate Party

With the holidays coming up, you may be looking to plan a corporate party to celebrate and reward your employees. Most likely, you will hold this party off-site at an event venue or park, where you ...
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Should You Consider a Food Booth Rental?

If you own a restaurant and are attending an upcoming special event, then consider getting a food booth rental near San Jose. When a popular convention comes to town, showcase your excellent menu with ...
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How to Throw an Outdoor Party

One of the benefits of living in Northern California is the fact that our mild winters make it possible to throw outdoor parties late into the year when other parts of the country are blanketed with ...
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Decorating Your Outdoor Wedding Tent

If you are planning an outdoor wedding or wedding reception, a canopy tent or large tent rental is a great way to shield your guests and party rentals from sun, rain, and the rest of the elements. A ...
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What You Need to Know About Wedding Tents

If you’re looking for large tent rentals in San Jose or the Bay Area for your wedding, you may appreciate some advice. Big tents are the perfect addition to any wedding, as they provide shelter ...
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Understanding the Importance of Shade for Your Event

Who does not love a great outdoor party? Nothing is better than bringing your friends and family together to enjoy the great outdoors. Oftentimes, when one is planning an outdoor event, providing ...
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Tips for Renting a Big Tent

If you’re planning a wedding and are looking into party rentals in San Jose, consider a large tent rental. While you can try to plan every detail of your big day, you can’t control the ...
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The Benefits of Wedding Rental Companies

Wedding planning in San Francisco can be costly, so you should consider venues outside of the city itself. At locations in the East Bay, such as Livermore, you can reserve an outdoor space for a ...
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A Look at Festival Rentals

The mild weather in the Bay Area allows you to host an outdoor festival at any time of year. To ensure that you have all the equipment you need for your festival, contact a company that provides party ...
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The Benefits of Large Event Rentals

If you’re looking into party rentals in San Francisco for a Bay Area event, you’ll quickly find that the larger your event, the more help you’ll need when planning it. A party rental ...
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Party Planning Tips for an Outdoor Event

Event planning in San Francisco can be simple if you start with the right steps and the right party rental company. If you plan ahead by preparing for the weather and making sure you’re ready to ...
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What Sets Special Events Apart?

Event planning in San Francisco doesn’t have to be stressful if you work with the right party rentals company. At Special Events, we have over 30 years of experience serving the Bay Area. We ...
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Creating a Special Outdoor Party

With the right event rentals, you can create welcoming and special outdoor party for any occasion. Order some tables, chairs, and tents from the party rental company near San Francisco to get all of ...
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Planning Ideas for Outdoor Events

If you are in charge of event planning in San Francisco, you should think about throwing your next even outdoors. Use the following ideas to simplify the planning process so you can put together a ...
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