What to Consider When Planning a Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate holiday parties are part and parcel of the festive season, but they’re not always everyone’s favorite invitation. How can you make sure that this year’s party will be the highlight of your guests’ social calendar? From corporate event rentals in San Jose to picking the best date, here are the things to consider when planning your event. holiday - party

Where should the party take place?

Many companies either host the event in their offices—which can be underwhelming at best—or in a restaurant, where space restrictions could make the event tough to manage. An alternative that sets the stage for a great event is to rent a tent so you can host the event outdoors. A corporate event rentals company will have everything you need to put together a memorable event that reflects your business and corporate culture. Linens, tables, seating, lights, and more can be brought in to make your tent festive and unique.

What’s the best time for the party?

Your party should be at a time when your employees are free to enjoy it. Weekend nights are ideal, since your employees won’t have work to consider the next day, but some companies opt for a Monday night, which can be cost-effective since it is a less popular day for rentals. Another option that more corporations are opting for is to have a holiday party outside of the traditional season, such as in late October or in January. One benefit to this strategy is that your event won’t conflict with other occasions your employees may have, but keep in mind that the party may feel less festive overall.

How should I manage food and alcohol?

Decide if a formal, sit-down meal or a buffet-style set-up of lighter fare fits your company better. Both options can work well, depending on the kind of event you want to have. Alcohol is an issue many companies grapple over, as excessive consumption can create HR and liability issues. One easy way of limiting alcohol without depriving your guests is to limit the selection to beer and wine or to have a signature cocktail rather than an open bar.
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