Your Guide to Planning Festival Staging and Tenting

When festival planning near San Jose, CA, there are certain factors to remember when planning your festival tents and stages. Local regulations and audience satisfaction are the most important parts of renting and setting up tents and stages around your festival. For a quick guide to planning festival tenting and staging, read below. tent - rental

Do Your Research

Before renting tents and stages for your festival, perform a lot of research on different tents and the regulations governing them. Depending on where your festival is located in the Bay Area, you may have different rules to follow and different festival tents that you may need to rent. You can inquire about local and state regulations with your zoning boards and your special event rental company. These groups should have the necessary information and expertise to advise you on the proper tents, stages, and booths that can be set up for your festival.

Walk the Site

Walk your intended festival site before you set up or rent all of your tents. Often, there are regulations regarding the amount of space needed between different tents and stages. You may also find that you have more room than you thought to set up extra festival rentals, such as booths, stages, sitting areas, and games. It is essential to walk your festival site to ensure you have the necessary rentals and other supplies. These supplies might include electrical setups, bathroom facilities, and medical booths.

Consider Your Audience

Aside from official regulations, your audience is the most important factor when deciding on tents and stages. For example, you may set up a stage for a dancing act, but if it rains or is very sunny, then your audience and performers will be uncomfortable and unhappy. You must also consider the safety factor of where you place tents and how big your festival tents are. If there is an emergency, then your festival guests must be able to locate exits quickly. These are just a few ways to consider your audience when renting festival tents.
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