Your Guide to Hosting a Large Family Reunion

Large family reunions are filled with fun and a lot of people. With so many people in attendance, you should rent a tent in San Jose, CA and fill it with plenty of special event rentals, like chairs and decorations. Here is a closer look at how to host a large family reunion: party - tent

Plan Far in Advance

Everyone has different lives, obligations, and plans throughout the year. With this in mind, you must give everyone in your family as much notice as possible about the reunion. Plan out the details—such as where the reunion will be and who is expected to bring what—and give these plans to the entire family right away. Once people have the details, they can begin planning out their travel arrangements, budgeting, and time off work or school if needed.

Rent as Much as Possible

Family reunions usually occur once a year or every couple of years. There is no need to purchase supplies that will only be used once and then rust or collect dust for the rest of the year. Use this opportunity to rent a large outdoor tent and event rentals, like chairs, tables, and decorations. By renting these items, you will not have to worry about purchasing a large number of event rentals or transporting them to a public location. Renting a tent and other event rentals will reduce the stress of planning a large family reunion and allow you more opportunities to enjoy it.

Pick a Central Location

If most of your family is located in the Bay Area, then you can simply reserve a park in a central location. However, if your family is scattered around the state or the country, then it may become more difficult to find a central location. Ask the decision makers of the family, usually adult siblings and grandparents, about a location that everyone wouldn’t mind gathering in. This might be a location that most of family lives near or a central location that everyone would have to travel to.

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