Choosing Drapery and Booths for Your Upcoming Trade Show

No matter which Bay Area trade show you are participating in, there are a few helpful ways to choose the right pipe and drape rentals. As part of your festival preparation near San Jose, CA, you want to design your trade show booth to be memorable and appealing to your customers. This will ultimately help your sales and gain you new customers. Here are some tips to help you choose the right pipe and drape rental: trade - show - booth

Look for Memorability

Depending upon the upcoming convention you are a part of, you have a couple ways to plan for memorability. Some trade shows and festivals require all booths to have specific linen and drapery colors, but you can still plan around these. If you are part of a convention that allows you more freedom, then you have a great opportunity to plan a memorable booth. During your festival preparation, look for stand-out pipe and drape rentals. These festival rentals can be in your company’s colors, an eye-catching design, or something equally intriguing. Make sure that your customers and other festival attendees continue to reference your trade show booth long after they have left the festival.

Plan Necessary Signage

If the trade show managers require specific colors to be used for pipe and drape rentals, then plan accordingly. Your company banners, flyers, and other signage should complement the colors of the festival. Your company’s signage should still stand out, but make sure they it does not clash or appear unappealing to attendees. Clashing colors or unappealing images will make your trade booth memorable, but not for the right reasons.

Coordinate with Products

In addition to coordinating your company colors with your pipe and drape rentals, try to coordinate your products in an appealing manner. Display your products or product information in enticing ways to draw customers in to learn more. Plan your product layout so that it looks professional and continually maintained. Do not keep products haphazardly in a bowl or thrown out on your tabletop rental; this sends a message of unimportance to your potential customers.
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