How to Successfully Plan an Off-Site Corporate Party

With the holidays coming up, you may be looking to plan a corporate party to celebrate and reward your employees. Most likely, you will hold this party off-site at an event venue or park, where you might need a large tent rental. If you wish to have a successful corporate party, continue reading to learn about positive planning and reserving event rentals in San Jose, CA. corporate - party - rentals

Start Planning Right Away

Even if you have a small startup company, you need to plan well in advance of the party. As soon as you decide there will be a party, find a couple appropriate dates and venues to use. If you are planning a holiday party, then book your venue as soon as possible. Even if you are booking a park, reserve the location and canopy rentals right away. Venues and rentals tend to fill up quickly for the holidays, so you cannot leave these crucial details for the last minute.

Find Necessary Rentals

After determining the date and venue for your corporate party, you will need to contact your rental company in the Bay Area. As stated above, holiday parties are planned well in advance, and many rental companies may not have the necessary event rentals you need, if you wait too long. You will need chair and tabletop rentals, linens, china, and various decorations. If your corporate event is outside, or you plan on having booths set up, then rent a tent and the other special event rentals you will need. If your event is being catered, ask your caterers what rentals you need to provide, such as serving trays or other catering supplies.

Notify Employees and Guests

You should already have a fair guess at how many people you expect to attend—most venues will need an estimate before booking anyway. Once you know the date and venue, let your employees know so they can make their plans. If you plan on having guest speakers, then book these people as soon as possible.

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