Tips for Planning Party Tent Rentals

When you rent a tent in the Bay Area, there are several factors to consider. Party tent rentals come in all shapes, sizes, and even colors. There are also different landscape areas each tent type will work best in. No matter the details of your event, however, there will be a large tent rental that can make it perfect. Here are some of the details you should consider when renting a tent.


Determine the Size of the Event

Once you figure out how many people will be attending your event, then you can look at tent rental options. You must consider the weather, as well. The weather may help you decide if you will need to rent a tent that can accommodate everyone, or if you can get away with a smaller tent just for those that wish to be in the shade.

Scout Out Your Venue

Not only should you consider the size of your event venue, but you should know if there will be an indoor option in addition to the outdoor venue. If the event can only be outdoors, then you must look at the available space. Large tent rentals may not fit in someone’s backyard, but there may be a smaller option available. Your event rental company help you determine the size and type of tent that you will need to cover the venue space and accommodate your guests.

Choose a Tent Size

When it comes to your party tent rentals, you will have a choice between a tension or frame style tent. A tension tent is supported through poles on the edge and middle of the tent. Frame tents are very sturdy options meant for large groups. Depending on the event itself—whether it’s a wedding, convention, or picnic—your rental company may recommend one tent over the other. Thankfully, most tents can be decorated and customized with extra walls, lights, and a dance floor.

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