How to Prepare for Your Table Top Service

Table top rentals, also known as china, linens, and flatware, are an essential part of every event. You need to know what to order and how to prepare to receive your table top rentals in San Jose, CA. wedding - rentals

Determine your event theme.

You cannot order your table top items until you know what your event is going to look like. You need to know colors, themes, design ideas, and anything else that may influence the look of your tables. For example, you may want to rent particular dishware or serving platters that have a design or color that will match your theme. You may be able to rent certain items that can help with centerpieces, as well. Do not forget about your linen rentals, either. These can come in a variety of colors and patterns, along with the napkins, so make sure you have an idea of colors and a theme when you speak with your Bay Area rental company.

Set up your event.

On the big day of your festival or event, you need to have as much ready as you can before you receive your table top rentals. If you did not order table and chair rentals, then make sure the tables you have are set up and ready to receive the table top rentals. In the event that you have tables and chairs coming with your rentals, then your rental company will have the tables set up before unloading the table top service. It is best to have as much done as you can prior to receiving your rentals.

Be available to accept delivery.

You may have everything set up and ready for your table top rentals, but the company cannot deliver them if there is no one there to receive them. Make yourself available to receive the rentals when the delivery truck arrives. If you cannot be there, then notify the deliverers ahead of time and give the name of someone you trust that will be there to receive the rentals.

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