Answering Your Questions About Fire Safety and Event Tents

You want your event or festival to be successful, and part of that success comes from your fire safety. When setting up your festival tents near San Jose, CA, you may have some questions about fire safety and your large outdoor tents. Continue reading to learn more about city permits, tent requirements, and fire prevention. event - tent

Do I need to request an event permit?

Most likely, you will need to have some sort of permit for your event and tent rentals, especially if your event is located on public property. Festivals, fairs, and large gatherings need to be permitted by your city’s officials. This permit will likely indicate the type of large tent rentals you can use, where they can be set up, and how many people are allowed inside each tent. With this information in hand, your fire safety concerns will be addressed. If your event is on private property, then look into your city’s regulations to see if you still need a permit for tent or canopy rentals.

Are there special tent requirements?

Since fire safety is such an important concern, your city’s regulations will likely require your festival tents to be made of specific materials. Thankfully, your event rentals company in the Bay Area is aware of these requirements, so their tents will likely be made from the correct materials and in the correct manner. In addition to using non-flammable materials for all of your festival rentals, there may be requirements for an accessible fire extinguisher and fire alarm in your tents and booths.

How can I prevent potential fires?

Preventing fires starts with awareness and knowledge. Whether your event is in your backyard or fills a public park, you must always know the different ways a fire could start. Plan the layout of your canopy rentals and tents to allow for proper spacing. Make sure any flammable materials or heating appliances are clearly marked. Always have a fire extinguisher on hand and remain vigilant against any potential dangers.
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