Tent Ideas for Your Wedding

Wedding event planning requires you to find features and accessories that add style and function to your ceremony and reception. If you are planning to have any part of your wedding outside, tent rentals in San Francisco can help you optimize the outdoor area. Keep reading for some tent ideas that can help you plan your dream wedding in the Bay Area:

Use Light Fixtures
If you want to add some personality to your tent rental, you can use light fixtures. Choose a color that works with your wedding color scheme so you can transform the interior of the tent into the perfect location for your wedding reception. The light fixtures themselves can add another element of design to your wedding décor while giving you the chance to use the lighting to set a specific mood.

Wedding Event Planning in San Francisco

Play with Dimensions
If you want to add more depth and texture to your tent rental, you can hang canopy fabrics at varying heights. This creates the optical illusion of dimension for your tent and sets the scene for a beautiful and unique wedding décor for your special day.

Use Tents to Bring Your Wedding to an Exotic Location
You do not have to travel far to get some exoticism at your wedding reception. Play with tent rentals in Livermore in different colors and pair them with decorative features from a different culture to transform your wedding venue into a foreign and romantic location.

Fill the Space with Flowers
If you really want to enhance the romantic appeal of your wedding reception, you should use flowers to decorate your tent rental. Not only do flowers add to the aesthetic appeal of the tent, but they also make it smell wonderful.

Decorate with Monochromatic Elements
Create a modern wedding décor by choosing one color with which to decorate your tent. If you choose accessories with different textures, you can create a beautiful and visually stimulating space that you and your guests will love.

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