A Guide to Planning a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings in San Jose can be incredibly beautiful, especially when they are held outside and the weather is temperate. There are a few things that you can do with the help of a wedding event planning company and some equipment rentals to make sure that you and your guests are as comfortable as possible. If you’re planning a summer wedding with the help of a party rental company in San Jose, here are some tips to get you started.

Choose the Right Party Rentals
A party rental company can be invaluable in tricky weather. While some summer days are cool and breezy, others are hot, humid, or rainy. A party rental company can offer you large tent rentals and outdoor canopies that will shield you Party Rental Company in San Jose and your guests from the sun. A big tent can even be outfitted with additional equipment rentals, such as lighting, a stage, a dance floor, tables, chairs, fans, and coolers. If it’s a hot day, make sure your guests have plenty of shade, seating options, and water at hand.

Hold the Wedding and Wedding Reception in the Evening
The hottest part of the day is between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. If you’re having a summer wedding, it’s wise to hold the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in the early evening. This keeps everyone out of the harsh sun, and gives you more flexibility with outdoor venues. Even in the evening, it is ideal to have an outdoor canopy or big tent available for use in the event that it rains or is windy.

Tell Everyone to Dress for the Weather
Summer weddings are typically much less formal than fall or winter weddings. If the wedding is held outdoors, be sure to let your guests know that they can dress more casually. You and the wedding party should wear clothing made of lightweight, breathable material, like cotton or linen. You may also want to provide your guests with sunscreen, bug spray, and water to help them battle the heat, sun, and insects.

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